Tables are Turning: Salesforce Acquires Tableau

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Salesforce has acquired the analytics company, Tableau, for more than $16 billion with aims to leverage the data into its own CRM software.

Salesforce is just getting bigger and bigger, thanks to its acquisition of Tableau. The data platform has been purchased for roughly US$16 billion in an all-stock deal. Despite the purchase sending stocks down up to eight per cent in Wall Street, it’s considered a widely strategic purchase, which will provide the cloud-based software with a springboard into leveraging its tech and data further.

This acquisition has sparked some controversy across the stock market, with many saying Salesforce overpaid the computer software company. However, this isn’t the first highly paid acquisition that Salesforce has made in its history. In 2018, it acquired Mulesoft for a whopping $6.5 billion.

In the two days since the acquisition took place, Salesforce has unveiled its new Customer Data Platform (CTP) as well as its next generation of Customer 360. At the annual Salesforce Connection conference, it was announced that the CTP will allow companies to leverage diverging customer data and personalise the engagement, based on a single customer view. Customer 360’s new generation is said to go above and beyond its previous capabilities and the CDP, while extending the power of CRM using consumer-scale data activation and management.

“Customers today will not settle for fragmented experiences, and companies recognise that creating a single view of the customer is imperative to earning their loyalty. With Customer 360, we continue to extend our platform in new ways, empowering brands to unify data and personalise customer engagement at scale,” explained Salesforce President and CPO, Bret Taylor.

The purchase of Tableau aims to leverage the data found by the company into the CRM platform, as well as directly compete with Microsoft Power BI, AWS QuickSight and Looker, which was recently acquired by Google. The price tag proves Salesforce is ready to pay a hefty sum to acquire valuable data and analytics.

Many businesses, e-commerce and tech alike, often turn to Tableau for insights into further data that other analytics may not be able to access. “About a third of customers are cloud deployed at this stage,” explained Doug Henschen, Vice President at Constellation Research.

“There’s a huge overlap between Tableau customers and Salesforce customers,” explained President of Avoa, Tim Crawford. “The data is everywhere in the enterprise, not just in Salesforce. Salesforce does a great job with its own data, but Tableau does great with data in a lot of places because it’s not tied to one platform. So, it opens up where the data comes from and the insights you get from the data.”

Only time will tell how the acquisition affects those who rely on the data and insights provided by Tableau, but the purchase is set to make Salesforce users create an easier way to leverage the data provided into their own businesses.

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