Accent Group

How Daniel Agostinelli Took Accent Group from Humble to Hypersonic

Accent Group is undoubtedly a leader in the footwear game. With more than 19 brands under its belt, it has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1988. We sat down with Daniel Agostinelli, CEO of Accent Group, to find out a bit more about his journey, catching the 'retail bug' and the biggest trends he's predicting.

$2 Million Worth of Orders in One Day – Q&A with Accent Group

It's been a turbulent year for everyone, and for retailers across Australia, there have been serious transformations in customer behaviour, online expectations, and restrictions, ultimately changing the face of retail as we know it forever. We spoke to Daniel Agostinelli, the CEO of Accent Group, to discuss the ways customers have changed, and how the retailer adapted across the span of the pandemic.

Accent Group’s Digital Sales Soar 150% During Lockdown

Accent Group was well placed when disaster struck, which has driven online sales up 150 percent from April to June, even as the COVID-19 shutdown took place. 

“Adapt or Die” How Accent Group Defied All Odds During COVID-19

On the 8th of April, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the easing of certain restrictions across the country. While retailers across Australia begin the reopening of stores, Accent Group was four days ahead of schedule.

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