How AI-driven Product Recommendations Are Driving Ecommerce In 2021

Not using machine learning to create hyper-personalised product recommendations? You're missing out. Adobe explains how to get started.

‘AI is going to put your previous manual personalisation efforts on steroids’: Q&A with Adobe’s Scott Rigby

From customer experience to loyalty, personalisation is relevant at every touch point. Are you utilising AI to its full potential?

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AI-Powered Commerce: Beyond “Personalisation” and Towards “Individualisation”

We speak with Adobe to find out why you need to leverage AI now and how St. Frock achieved 100 percent year-on-year growth.

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Ask the Expert: Navigating and Actioning the Shift Online

As retailers determine the developments in business strategies, it’s imperative to understand what drives a consumer to shop online. How did online shopping sentiment change in 2020? Have comfort levels with online shopping changed in the last 12 months, and how will this impact retailers in the long run?

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Future-Proofing Your Business in the Era of COVID-19

In the last three months, e-commerce has expanded and accelerated faster than ever before. With more need for speed and the demand for adaptability, the pandemic has become one of the driving reasons why a digital focus is more critical than ever.

US Holiday Shoppers to Spend $124 Billion Online

Online shoppers in the US are expected to spend big this holiday season, with Aussie consumers trailing closely behind. From November 1 until December 31, Adobe predicts online and offline sales will increase.

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