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Good news, bad news for online retail at the petrol pump

Fuel prices are set to rise again across Australia, as the Government’s Fuel Excise cuts have expired, opening the door again for the cost of petrol to shoot back up to punishing levels for consumers. The news for online retail, however, may not be all bad - as out of necessity consumers increasingly turn to online shopping as a method of saving on fuel costs.

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Retail climbs but consumers face uphill battle, figures show

New figures released today show Australia’s retail turnover saw an increase of 0.6 percent in August, making it the eighth consecutive month to see such growth.

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Much Ado About… Nothing? Cost of Living Reality for Retailers

The developing cost of living crisis is “exaggerated” says Economics Editor for the Australian Financial Review John Kehoe, responding to the latest National Accounts data reflecting modest growth in GDP for the June quarter.

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‘Doesn’t Tell the Full Story’: Treasurer Hits Pause on Celebrating Latest GDP Growth

“It's a solid outcome, but it doesn't tell the full story about our economy,” says Federal Treasurer Jim Chalmers, responding to the latest data suggesting modest growth in the Australian economy.

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Consumer Confidence is ‘Significantly’ High for 2021

Consumer confidence has increased by 1.6 pts to 111.9 following a strong December quarter in 2020, Roy Morgan has reported.

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