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E-commerce more than a pandemic fad for small businesses

As most would be aware, the onset of the pandemic saw a sudden and considerable increase to the growth of e-commerce worldwide, with Australia no exception. While the pandemic saw more consumers driven to shop online, it also saw more retailers adopting the strategy out of necessity, with some discovering newfound business potential in the world of e-commerce.

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Australia’s Independent Retailers are Remarkable, Let’s Give Them The Recognition They Deserve

Small Businesses are the backbone of Australia's economy; according to data from Vend, on average, each independent retailer contributes over half a million dollars to the economy every year. Here's to them.

What do Aussie Shoppers Really Want? Q&A with PayPal

Australian customers are changing the way they shop. We sat down with Vanessa Lennon, Head of Marketing at PayPal Australia, to discuss the change in shopper habits and the importance of building trust with customers.

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