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PROFILE: The start-up success story scratching an itch in e-commerce

When you hear “man’s best friend”, odds are you instantly understand what’s being said, such is the extent of the love so many of us have for the dogs in our lives. But how many of us have closely considered what we’re putting into our best friend’s bowl every day? We often set healthy eating goals for ourselves, but what about our pooches?

Funding trends suggest strong appetites, growth for health

Amidst a modest funding landscape for Australian start-ups and SMEs, recent trends suggest a healthy appetite for innovations in health emerging from the initial two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, in developments that could prove insightful for retailers hoping to cut through in a strained economic climate.

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The ‘Fugly’ E-Com Startup Turning Food Trash to Treasure

With a history of building sustainability brands already behind him, when it came time for Good & Fugly founder Richard Tourino to search for his next challenge, he did so with a guiding principle of seeking to find where he could have the most impact. What he might not have known, at least initially, is that the attractive challenge that he was searching for would come in such an ugly package.

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