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Progressive Web Apps or “going headless” – when is the right time to make the switch?

The popularity of mobile eCommerce is on the rise. According to PayPal’s 2021 eCommerce Index, a massive 82% of Australians are now shopping on mobile devices. Google searches are also predominantly happening on mobile, prompting Google to switch to mobile-first indexing; meaning it now ranks websites based on their mobile versions index rather than the desktop versions.

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Ask the Expert: Navigating and Actioning the Shift Online

As retailers determine the developments in business strategies, it’s imperative to understand what drives a consumer to shop online. How did online shopping sentiment change in 2020? Have comfort levels with online shopping changed in the last 12 months, and how will this impact retailers in the long run?

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Marketplaces for B2C & B2B: 3 Approaches to Diversify Your Sales Channels

Learn more about Marketplaces for B2C and B2B, and three distinct approaches to diversify your sales channels in 2021 and beyond.

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Balance Internet Acquired by Publicis Groupe

Digital commerce agency, Balance Internet, has been acquired by marketing and communications company, Publicis Groupe. 

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