Why do Brands like Bevilles, Luxury Escapes and Blue Bungalow use Guided Conversion?

E-commerce is booming. By now, we all know why. Physical stores may be taking a hit in 2020, but brick mortar retail still outperforms e-commerce in many areas. In particular, in-store converts much higher than online. Why? One reason is that physical stores use all the tools in their arsenal to create a personalised customer experience. Can e-commerce compete?

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How Bevilles Dominated the Marketplace Industry

From its humble beginnings on Bourke Street in Melbourne to one of the most popular jewellery brands in Australia, Bevilles has shaken up the fine jewellery industry by reaching a multichannel presence.

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What Multichannel Retailers Need to Know to Remain Competitive

Speaking to the Digital Marketing Manager at Bevilles, Simon Clarkson explores how cross-channel brands can enhance brand awareness with the latest e-commerce and in-store shopping trends.

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