STOCK WATCH: Booktopia funding ‘hampered’, Kogan shares slide

Investors respond to Kogan's 40% profit slump. Booktopia's (exiting) Chairman reveals external funding efforts "hampered by...board activity".

STOCK WATCH: Booktopia Directors Resign, Koala Assess Market Entry

Booktopia independent non-executive directors to step aside after the company fails to resolve conflict with Nash. Is a smooth transition possible?

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STOCK WATCH: E-Com Shares Recalibrate After Post-Earnings Slump

After the RBA announced a 0.50% increase in interest rates, ASX Listed E-Commerce companies seem to be weathering the [redacted] storm.

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STOCK WATCH: What’s Driving Adore Beauty’s +100% Share Price Surge?

The ASX has issued Adore Beauty with a price query following its sudden surge on Tuesday. Is Temple & Webster to blame / thank?

STOCK WATCH: Kogan’s 48.6% Share Price Growth Drives E-Com Index

The ASX Listed E-Com Index has severely outperformed the ASX200, riding on the tailwinds of Kogan. But can it last? (No.)

STOCK WATCH: Booktopia’s Recovery Drives E-Com Index Growth

The ASX Index has been buoyed by Booktopia's share price growth. But after a strong open, others on the E-Com Index are already struggling.

STOCK WATCH: BikeExchange Performance Raises Questions

The high volume of BikeExchange securities traded triggered some questions from ASX compliance. Were the answers enough to satisfy?

STOCK WATCH: Less Doom, Some Gloom, Did Investors Speak Too Soon?

In a reactive and highly volatile market, there seems to be (some) level of self-correction, with good(ish) signs from (some) companies.

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