birdsnest Launches Pre-Love Collection, birdsnest rehatched

birdsnest is entering a new phase of its growth with the launch of birdsnest rehatched, a selection of preloved garments available to purchase online. 

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20 Questions with Jane Cay, Founder & CEO of birdsnest

As the winner of the Top Personalisation Award at the All Star Bash 2022, birdsnest is a key player when it comes to dressing women wonderfully. Jane Cay, the founder and CEO of birdsnest, considers herself an 'accidental' leader, now running one of the most successful retail brands in the country. We asked her 20 questions to find out a bit more about the retail leader. What makes her day better? Are there any skills she'd love to master?

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Birdsnest’s Competitive Advantage: ‘It’s very important for retailers to understand their place in the ecosystem.’

Power Retail Switched On is an industry-led data, insights and benchmarking service helping Australian e-commerce businesses improve performance. We find out how retailers have been using their membership for competitive advantage. 

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Power Retail Podcast: From Accidental Leader to Industry Game-Changer

Tune in as we chat with Jane Cay, the CEO and Founder of Birdsnest, to discuss being an 'accidental leader', staying level-headed in a stressful situation and creating the right office culture.

The Online Retailers Pledging to Work Together to Reach 1 Million Customers

Hunting for George, Birdsnest, FitMyCar, TinyMe, Edible Blooms, Flora & Fauna, Mountain Bikes Direct and Wild Earth have joined forces to reach a combined audience of one million customers this Christmas.

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