Black Friday

Australia Post: Record Breaking 5.2m Shopped Online Cyber Sales

Australia Post has released its BFCM data which reveals a record breaking 5.2 million households made online purchases during the cyber sales events.

What to Expect from Black Friday: Savvy Spenders, Sophisticated Scams, and Sports Related Gifts

As Black Friday kicks off the weekend’s sales frenzy, we’ve compiled some predictions to tide you over until the data rolls in.

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Amazon Top 100 Toy Trends no mere plaything

As the holiday season fast approaches, the Australian arm of online retail giant Amazon has released its hotly anticipated Top 100 Holiday Toy list with some adorable assistance from the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

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Black Friday early preparation more important than ever

Once relegated to a US-only phenomenon, Black Friday has seen exponential growth in Australia in the last decade to where it is now considered by many to be the single biggest date on the Australian retail calendar. This year, as consumers grapple with high costs of living and the ramifications of an immense and ongoing spike in inflation rates since mid-2021, retailers are being warned to start their preparations for the sales event even earlier than normal.

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Consumers shy on spend to prepare for Xmas splurge, retail bodies find

Aussie consumers have been cutting back on household spending to prepare for a spending splurge this holiday season, according to separate reports from Australia’s two primary retail bodies.

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