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The Generational Blindspot for SMEs

A new study from American Express has showcased a generational blindspot that offers huge opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses. The study explored the trends on SMEs and found that more than three-quarters of the small businesses don't have a strategy to appeal to the Millennial or Gen Z market. 

The Rise and Fall of Forever 21

Yesterday fast-fashion retailer, Forever 21, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after months of speculation. Dropping sales, closing stores and controversies have plagued the retailer for years, and now it seems that it's caught up with itself.

Brick-and-Mortar Experiences Rise in Foot Traffic

Despite the fall in sales across retail in the last few months, studies have shown that there's been a rise in foot traffic throughout brick-and-mortar stores in Australia. 

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Can BNPL Work for Retailers?

BNPL is a tool that many customers use to make a purchase without paying upfront. Although it's not new in the market, its recent burst into the Australian mainstream shopping industry may have changed the way we shop. 

Will Beauty Festivals Be the Next Big Thing?

Forget Coachella, Glastonbury and Burning Man - these beauty festivals are the next big way to help solidify branding in the beauty industry. Should other brands follow suit, or is this just a fad?

The Psychology Behind In-Store Music: Q&A with storePlay

In 1989, Dean Cherny combined his love of Djing with retail, by creating a musical experience for retailers, Marketing Melodies. The concept is quite simple: provide music in-store to create an atmosphere worth shopping in.

The Real Reasons Why Brick & Mortar Retail is Struggling

Many retail industry insiders, along with the media and external observers, believe that the rise of e-commerce signals the demise of traditional retail.

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Power Retail Podcast: From Accidental Leader to Industry Game-Changer

Tune in as we chat with Jane Cay, the CEO and Founder of Birdsnest, to discuss being an 'accidental leader', staying level-headed in a stressful situation and creating the right office culture.

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