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How will Elon Musk’s Twitter Move Impact Businesses? An Expert Weighs In

The billionaire has hopes to 'transform' it 'as a private company' - what does this mean for businesses looking forward? 

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Business and Consumer Confidence Increase Steadily, Returns to Stability

Consumer and business confidence have both increased as virus cases continue to ease across the country.

Afterpay Acquired by Square for $39B

Square is acquiring Afterpay for $39 billion. CEO, Jack Dorsey, says Square and Afterpay both have a 'shared purpose' and plans to integrate Afterpay into Square's Seller and Cash App business units. 

What the Budget Means for Retailers

Last night the Federal Government released its Budget for the year, the second since the announcement of the pandemic. Here is a basic break down of what the 2021 Budget will mean for retailers moving ahead. 

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