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PROFILE: The start-up success story scratching an itch in e-commerce

When you hear “man’s best friend”, odds are you instantly understand what’s being said, such is the extent of the love so many of us have for the dogs in our lives. But how many of us have closely considered what we’re putting into our best friend’s bowl every day? We often set healthy eating goals for ourselves, but what about our pooches?

20 Questions with Jane Cay, Founder & CEO of birdsnest

As the winner of the Top Personalisation Award at the All Star Bash 2022, birdsnest is a key player when it comes to dressing women wonderfully. Jane Cay, the founder and CEO of birdsnest, considers herself an 'accidental' leader, now running one of the most successful retail brands in the country. We asked her 20 questions to find out a bit more about the retail leader. What makes her day better? Are there any skills she'd love to master?

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20 Questions with Jen Geale, Co-Founder of MTB Direct

Jen Geale co-founded MTB Direct in 2012, which has gone on to be one of the leading pureplay sports and outdoor retailers in the country. Beginning in the corporate world, Geale has gone from strength to strength, working as a renowned keynote speaker at retail events, growing her pureplay business, and inspiring others in the e-commerce world. We got to know the retail trailblazer a little more by asking her 20 questions about the risks she loves to take, the proudest moment of her career and advice she'd give her 16-year-old self.

How LVLY Achieved 500% YoY Growth | Q&A with LVLY

What started out as a way to spread joy and building a brand that Australians would enjoy, has quickly turned into one of the leading online flower delivery services in the country. We sat down with Hannah Spilva, the CEO and Co-Founder of LVLY to discuss the pandemic's impact on Australian consumers, shaking up the flower industry, and what's next on the horizon.

A Brilliant Future for Diamonds | Q&A with Michael Hill

Are diamonds still a girl's best friend? It's possible, but not the diamonds you may imagine. We sat down with Vanessa Brennan, Chief Brand & Customer Officer at Michael Hill to discuss lab-grown diamonds and the transformation of the jewellery industry.

2019 Top 100 Showcase: Beserk

In the first instalment of our 2019 Top 100 online retailers showcase, we talk to alternative fashion brand Beserk about how the company achieved its number 29 ranking.

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