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Adyen: How unified commerce could save you millions

From cross-channel insights to fraud prevention, learn how True Alliance leveraged Adyen’s unified commerce solution to connect 23 websites and 100 stores across 19 global brands.

How Multiplayer Shopping Is Redefining The Shopping Cart

E-commerce and innovation are synonymous in today’s ever-expanding digital economy, but something as universal as the online shopping cart has remained largely unchanged. That is, until now.

Q&A with Sportitude: The Move that Led to a 30% Reduction in CS Queries

From social network to marketplace, Sportitude is no stranger to the pivot. CEO Roumen Staykov talks success and supercharged growth.

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A Look Inside Booktopia’s AI-Driven Personalisation Strategy

Booktopia is one of leading Australian online book retailers, and since it was established in 2004, it has strived to have a deeper understanding of its customers and how their behaviour changes over time.

“Do it Your Way!” Jane Lu on Motherhood, Moguls and Motivation

While she may have swapped out rosé for a baby bottle, Jane Lu is celebrating Mother's Day her way. She tells us the lessons she's learned after becoming a mum, the importance of backing yourself and why women shouldn't be afraid to ask for help.

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Tony Nash on Success: “Focus on Cash Flow, Make Many Mistakes”

Tony Nash is no ordinary business person. After Co-Founding Booktopia in 2004, he has become a leader in his own right. We sat down with the 2020 All Star Bash Legend inductee and had a chat about his day to day life, what inspires him at work and why you need to make mistakes to be a success.

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Inside Klika’s 450% Sales Spike in Lockdown | Q&A with Klika

In the last eight months, retail has turned on its head and changed forever. With the vast ups and downs, there have been lessons learned by every retailer. We chatted with Leo Zaitsev, the Director of Commercial Operations at Klika, about the trends, lessons and creating a robust business for the future.

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