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Securing Sales in the Silly Season: Q&A with Catch

The 2020 holiday season is expected to be unlike any other, with the mass adoption of online retail as a result of the pandemic. We spoke to Ryan Gracie, the CMO of Catch, to understand Catch's changing customer behaviour, the race to online adoption and if online sales events are losing their sparkle (hint: they're not).

Australia “Earlier in Adoption of E-Commerce” – Former Amazon VP

Kmart Group has hired former Amazon VP, Pete Sauerborn, to run the Catch online business after Nati Harpaz announced his departure in mid-April. 

Bullseye: Catch Opens Pop-Up Store in Target

Catch is teaming up with Target to open a pop-up shop in Melbourne's High Point shopping centre just in time for Christmas. 

Power Retail Podcast: What’s the Typical Day for Catch?

Tune in as Grant Arnott from Power Retail discusses with Kalman Polak how Catch became a household name, competing against the biggest marketplaces in Australia, and the average day for someone at Catch Group.

CatchLIVE Shares How it Attracts 12,000 Consumers Per Episode

Gamified retail is a concept the team at CatchLIVE is really excited about. But, since its launch, how well has this online shopping format been tracking?

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