Is 2020 the Year of the Online Marketplace?

Australian shoppers are becoming increasingly more comfortable with e-commerce, and the data is here to back it up. In a new report from SEMrush, Aussie shoppers have been searching for online marketplaces more than ever.  

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E-Commerce Time Machine: Catch (of the Day)

Before Catch​ became one of the golden children of Wesfarmers, this leading Aussie eTailer was known as Catch of the Day. Take the Power Retail time machine to see how much Catch has changed in the last 14 years.

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Target to Acquire 1.5 Million Customers with New Partnership

Target is now working with Catch to increase its online offering. This comes after the department store experienced a significant impact due to COVID-19.

Ask the Experts: Australia’s Leading Marketplaces

Online marketplaces have become one of the leading platforms for digital retail. We sat down with e-commerce experts to dissect the three leading online marketplaces in Australia.

Australia “Earlier in Adoption of E-Commerce” – Former Amazon VP

Kmart Group has hired former Amazon VP, Pete Sauerborn, to run the Catch online business after Nati Harpaz announced his departure in mid-April. 

Nati Harpaz Steps Down From Role at Catch

After nearly four years with the Australian e-commerce business, Nati Harpaz is leaving his role as Managing Director of Catch.

Bullseye: Catch Opens Pop-Up Store in Target

Catch is teaming up with Target to open a pop-up shop in Melbourne's High Point shopping centre just in time for Christmas. 

The Importance of a Solid Data Vision and Strategy

Catch Group is one of the largest online retailers in Australia. As Catch knows, data is a core factor in any retailer's competitive strategy. We discussed the importance of data management with Dr Liron Nehmadi, Catch's Chief Product Officer. 

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