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Shippit data reveals frenzied start to peak season 

According to data from Shippit, Click Frenzy has hailed in peak season sales events with a bang as shoppers snatch up bargains ahead of the holidays. 

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Click Frenzy partners with PayPal to curb cybersecurity concerns

Ahead of Click Frenzy’s Main Event Sale, PayPal has announced it will be offering its trusted payment options to curb shoppers data security concerns.


Click Frenzy, an online-only mega sales event designed to specifically fill a gap and meet a shared need for retailers and consumers in the Australian e-commerce market, has grown in leaps and bounds since its initial launch in 2012. With its flagship event now only two months away from its 2022 launch, let's take a look at the E-Commerce Time Machine to explore its ten year journey.

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77% of Shoppers Wait for Online Sales Events, PLUS Top Three Sales Events Revealed

The latest survey data reveals the most popular sales events of the retailer calendar with consumers saying the save to participate.

What Comes After the Frenzy?

Click Frenzy may have wrapped up its latest instalment, but now is when the real work often starts for retailers. A framework lets us make sense of the data we've captured during Click Frenzy campaigns, informing future strategy and campaign building.

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Consumer Insights: Sales Event Spend on the Rise

We surveyed thousands of Aussie shoppers and took a (timely) deep dive into sales events to understand consumer behaviour.

Inside Click Central’s Partnership with ChannelAdvisor

ChannelAdvisor is integrating with Click Central - this partnership aims to enable and expand on its current offering, reach new merchants and increase its current online presence.

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