Much Ado About… Nothing? Cost of Living Reality for Retailers

The developing cost of living crisis is “exaggerated” says Economics Editor for the Australian Financial Review John Kehoe, responding to the latest National Accounts data reflecting modest growth in GDP for the June quarter.

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The Future of E-Commerce: Why Businesses Are Incorporating APIs in Their Strategy

Shannon Ingrey, VP and General Manager, APAC region for BigCommerce talks the future of e-commerce and the role of APIs for remaining competitive.

Misleading, Deceptive, Sustainable?

Rosalyn Gladwin from Gladwin Legal explains why 'sustainability' is more than just a buzz word and why a head-in-the-sand approach could cost you and your business, big time.

Vietnam Tech Talent: An Untapped Oasis of E-Commerce Growth Potential

Adrian Wakeham of SmartOSC talks about growth in Vietnam's growth as an IT hub and the opportunity for Australian e-commerce merchants.

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Taking the Customer Experience (CX) to the Next Level With Omnichannel

Tink Taylor looks at the omnichannel retail sphere, and how cross-channel marketing can help brands improve their overall customer experience strategy.

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5 Ways Online Retailers Can Benefit From Content Marketing

Content... is it really the King of the digital marketing world? Nick Bendel looks at how online retailers can boost their rankings through content marketing.

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Fastest Isn’t Always Best – What Shoppers Really Want From Delivery

Fastest? Cheapest? Most convenient? Research reveals what consumers really want from their last mile delivery experience.

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How Australian Retailers Can Harness Connected Mobility

Tom Christodoulou, the ANZ sales director & general manager at Zebra Technologies, looks at how mobile POS systems can help retailers stay connected in an increasingly omnichannel world.

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The Real Deal in the Digital World: The Art of Rebranding

Rebranding is just as important in today's e-commerce climate as it has been in bricks-and-mortar retail over the last century. Tink Taylor from dotdigital looks at the rebranding process, detailing how he modernised his own company's image.

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