How Online Spending Has Changed in April

April was a month that truly flipped retail on its head. In March, Australians were surrounded by panic buying as stores closed their doors and the country went into lockdown.

Pureplay vs. Omnichannel – Where Are Customers More Satisfied?

Consumer behaviour is rapidly changing, with online retail booming in the last few weeks. In a new report from Manhattan Associates, pureplay retail is the leading category within e-commerce for consumers. But there is a long way to go.

The Impact of E-Commerce ‘Hibernation’ in Australia

Australians are living in a time of confusion, miscommunication and a general sense of disarray. Power Retail held its inaugural Town Hall information session, which aims to share essential data and insights gathered and analysed over the past fortnight.

The Kmart Queue Question | Are We Social Distancing Online?

Last week, Kmart trialled a queue to slowly permit people onto its site as a means for crowd control.  So, did it work, and should other e-commerce sites follow? Are we now social distancing via online shopping?

The Quick COVID-19 Pivot | 15 Minutes with Boohoo and Nasty Gal

Throughout the virus outbreak, there have been certain categories that have taken a hit. The travel industry, beauty and fashion are all suffering as retail stores close and get considered non-essential. We sat down with Madeline George, the Country Manager boohoo Group PLC, ANZ to discuss the effect of COVID-19 on boohoo and Nasty Gal. 

Online Spend Expected to Increase in the Next Month

The current e-commerce climate is startling for most retailers to say the least. With general uncertainty about the future, it can be hard to know what's coming. Afterpay, however, is predicting an increase in online purchases as merchant demands enhance. 

Managing Casual Workers During the COVID-19 Outbreak

A new platform from Humanforce can now 'help all retail businesses' manage and protect their casual employees and the community through the COVID-19 outbreak. We sat down with Bruce MacKenzie, Managing Director and Founder, Humanforce, to discuss the platform. 

What Would Stage 4 Lockdown Look Like for E-Commerce?

Last week, New Zealand entered Stage 4 of lockdown to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a result, non-essential e-commerce stock will not be distributed to the country, as they're restricted to only essential goods. So, what would it mean for e-commerce if this were to happen in Australia?

“It’s a Make or Break Time” – How Nourished Life is Reacting to Changing Conditions

Nourished Life understood that the online health and beauty industry was seriously lacking when it came to organic ingredients. We sat down with Founder and CEO of Nourished Life, Irene Falcone, to discuss the current retail landscape amid the outbreak. 

The Biggest Issues for Retailers in the Current Landscape

It's no secret that Australian retail is experiencing a series of changes. As each day passes, more closures are announced and further confusion ensues. We sat down with Mark Lewis, CEO of Netalico Commerce, to discuss maintaining a healthy business structure during the challenging times ahead. 

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