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Key Takeaways from BigCommerce’s 2023 Digital Payments Report: How Consumers Prefer to Pay

Shoppers are clearly feeling the pinch when it comes to spending. Many customers are having to sit down and really break down and consider where they can make savings in not just what they are paying for, but in how they are paying for it.

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Five Ways to Earn True Customer Loyalty Online in 2021

In such an online-consumed world, how can retailers keep customers coming back for more? We asked a series of experts on the best ways to engage with true customer loyalty in 2021 and beyond.

What Does Good Customer Experience Look Like in 2020?

A lot of things have changed in the new decade, with many old aspects of e-commerce that were acceptable six months ago, but aren't as popular today. We asked a series of e-commerce experts to break down what makes great CX in 2020, and how retailers can improve on their current offering. 

Back to Basics: Three Fool-Proof Ways to Enhance the Online Shopping Experience

Australian online shoppers have high expectations, not only do they expect affordable prices, but they also want speed, convenience and security.

Do Customers and Retailers See Eye to Eye?

Retailers like to think they know what customers want, and customers think they know the secrets of retail. However, they may not see as eye-to-eye as one might believe. 

Why Good Customer Service Means You’ll Never Have to Upsell

One of the biggest challenges in retail is to move beyond the 'I’m just looking' phase. The next step is to get the base sale and then the upsell. There are never-ending selling strategies and tactics to implement to improve revenue. However, the one thing overlooked is the power of delivering excellent CX.

Tryzens’ Answer to Salesforce’s Big Question

In an effort to make it easier for retailers to create BNPL payments within Salesforce, Tryzens has launched a bespoke Zip cartridge to make payments faster and easier. 

What Retailers Can Learn About CX

Customer Experience (CX) is one of the most important parts of a customer's journey when shopping online. Besides price and a good delivery timeframe, the journey from search to purchase can make or break a retailer's reputation for existing and new customers.

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Creating a Culture that Keeps Retail Employees Happy

All retailers want is to create a happy workplace culture, that positively reflects into a great customer experience. Here are a few tips to follow to create a great workplace culture.

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