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SMBs need to take more action against cyber crime

One year on from the plague of cybersecurity breaches, SMBs are much more vigilant about the security of their data, but concerned that their actions against cyber crime aren’t enough. 

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Getting active on the cybersecurity frontlines: A Retail Case Study

Women’s activewear brand and retailer Lorna Jane is one of a growing number of retailers recognising the need to better understand and protect against cybersecurity threats, joining services with cybersecurity solutions provider Sekuro to develop its cyber-resilience profile.

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Cyber attacks cost retailers millions and lessons from a ‘PR Nightmare’

Fallout from the historic Optus data breach continues to be acutely felt, with the full extent of the damage to Optus’ brand credibility as a result of the cyber attack unlikely to be known for months or even years to come. Meanwhile, consumers and retailers alike are warned to be vigilant as Black Friday events are predicted to see a rise in instances of online scam attempts.

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COVID and Cyber Blackmail | How Retailers can Avoid the Risk

With the sudden wave of e-commerce interest and purchases over the course of 2020 was once unprecedented but has now become a necessary tool for survival in the modern retail industry. As such, it's crucial for retailers to understand and adapt to the challenges that come along with the e-commerce boom. 

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