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Vacancies in retail soar as Christmas crunch approaches

Despite a decline in overall job vacancies, data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics last week show vacancies in retail have grown by almost 15 percent since May of this year, as online retail giant Amazon joins many in preparing for a considerable recruitment push ahead of the festive season.

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Sustainability a ‘Cancel Culture’ casualty in retail?

Retailers and brands are eager to take forward steps in sustainability goals, but some are wary of announcing their brands’ sustainability goals for fear of criticisms that their actions are ‘not enough’, according to Australian greentech platform Sustainable Choice.

eBay hit with ticket scalping penalties for NRL Grand Final in NSW

E-commerce giant eBay has been spectacularly handed new penalties in New South Wales, it has been announced today, with NSW Fair Trading fining the marketplace following NRL Grand Final tickets appearing on its platform - breaching state ticket scalping laws.

The Airs Up There: Spotlight on Ruslan Kogan

From humble beginnings in a residential garage to a modern force in e-commerce, online retailer Kogan has come quite a long way in the over sixteen years since its founding.

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PROFILE: The start-up success story scratching an itch in e-commerce

When you hear “man’s best friend”, odds are you instantly understand what’s being said, such is the extent of the love so many of us have for the dogs in our lives. But how many of us have closely considered what we’re putting into our best friend’s bowl every day? We often set healthy eating goals for ourselves, but what about our pooches?

What Footy Finals will look like at the cash register

ICYMI, Grand Final events for the two biggest sporting codes in Australia are set to gobble up the next fortnight - with the AFL Grand Final kicking off this coming Saturday followed by the NRL Grand Final on Sunday October 2 - and us Aussies are all set to gobble up all of our footy favourites as we celebrate!

The ‘Fugly’ E-Com Startup Turning Food Trash to Treasure

With a history of building sustainability brands already behind him, when it came time for Good & Fugly founder Richard Tourino to search for his next challenge, he did so with a guiding principle of seeking to find where he could have the most impact. What he might not have known, at least initially, is that the attractive challenge that he was searching for would come in such an ugly package.

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China ‘open for business’ despite tensions as appetites for Aussie retail remain high

A new study of 1,000 Chinese consumers has found that appetites for Western and Australian products in China remain high, despite ongoing geopolitical tensions.

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Supply Chain chaos seeing retail product stock below average, says report

A newly released report suggests Australian online retailers are still struggling with stock levels and are advertising through less channels on average than the rest of the world in an otherwise thriving global e-commerce market.

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Bridging the Gap: Bringing E-Commerce to Remote Communities

Life in remote communities can, at the best of times, leave members of these communities feeling disconnected and distant from the world around them and opportunities therein. Yet with the ongoing evolution of the digital world, the opportunity to eliminate these distances and provide opportunities to these remote communities is greater than ever before, if only still mired with initial obstacles and challenges in bridging the gap. 

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