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The Changing Face of Beauty | Q&A with The Quick Flick

We spoke to Iris Smit, the Founder and CEO of The Quick Flick, to examine how her team pivoted its messaging during the pandemic, what the business has learned and the future of beauty in a post-pandemic world.

E-Commerce Time Machine: Dan Murphy’s

Australians love a glass or two of their favourite beverage after a long day. Dan Murphy's is one of the leading liquor stores in Australia, but how has the retailer's online platform transformed over the years? Has it aged like a fine wine? Find out when you take a trip in the e-commerce time machine. 

Do Customers and Retailers See Eye to Eye?

Retailers like to think they know what customers want, and customers think they know the secrets of retail. However, they may not see as eye-to-eye as one might believe. 

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