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Kmart Fined $1.3m for Spam Act Breach: How to Avoid the Same Fate

Kmart has joined the growing list of Aussie businesses being cracked down upon by the ACMA. Heres how to stay compliant. 

Are You Making the Most of Your Marketing? | Q&A with Klaviyo

From an e-commerce analytics tool to an intuitive platform, Klaviyo has come a long way. We sat down with Robert Gibson, the Senior Partnerships Manager, APAC at Klaviyo, to examine the changes in consumer behaviour, how it impacts retail strategies, and how they can cut through the noise in the lead up to Christmas.

A Valentine’s Day Special: For the Love of Loyalty!

The heart-filled holiday is around the corner and what’s more special than to learn how to build loyal relationships with your customers.

How InnovaDerma Increased its Revenue by 436 Percent in the First Half of 2020

Landing a customer may seem like one of the hardest things a retailer can achieve, but the real challenge happens afterwards: keeping the customer coming back. In a world surrounded by retailers all trying to offer consumers the latest deals, and reel them back to become repeat customers, it can be hard to stand out. InnovaDerma decided to do something about it - here’s how they learned to swim against the current and keep their customers coming back over and over.

SMS vs. Email: Which is More Effective?

When it comes to capturing the attention of customers, it's important to stay fresh and relevant. However, with so many players in the game, how can a retailer stay ahead of the pack and deliver great CX, and is SMS the new way to get it?

When No Marketing is the Best Marketing – Papier’s Mother’s Day Opt-Out

For many, Mother's Day is a difficult time of year for a wide variety of reasons. This brand gave its consumers the option to mute all marketing, validating their feelings and putting the customer first.

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Is Email Over? dotdigital Talks Marketing and what Retailers are Getting Wrong

Despite all talk focusing on 'the next big thing', email is still central to everything we do. Are retailers failing to get the basics rights and missing out?

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