Gen Z

Sustainable Shoppers Want a Transparent Supply Chain

We recently witnessed a worldwide demand for large tech companies to lower their emissions and set carbon-neutral goals. This hyper-focus on bettering the planet has carried into the retail industry where sustainable shopping is quickly becoming a top priority to consumers.

How the ‘Always-On’ Consumer Mindset is Changing Retail Advertising

It's time to change the channel. Consumers are getting good at multitasking, with a new report indicating that shoppers are searching for Christmas products while streaming.

Former The RealReal Exec Spills on Re-Commerce, Gen Z and Retail Trends

Karin Dillie has been a leader in the luxury consumer space for more than 12 years. The former Director of Business Development at The RealReal has just secured a new role as VP of Partnerships at Recurate and we sat down with her to discuss the future of resale, re-commerce and how the next-gen shopper will change the face of retail as we know it. 

Cya Millennials, It’s All About Gen Z

It's time to say goodbye to Millennials as the Next Gen Shopper - say hello to Gen Z. This new type of digitally-native shopper may have many similar qualities to its predecessor, but there are some major differences that retailers need to identify if they wish to connect with them.

Gen Z Game Changers | Redefining the Boundaries of Commerce

Gen Z (age 4-24) represents a fundamental break with every other generation in human history – they've never lived in a non-digital world. Their attitudes are very different to older generations and give us a sneak peek to what the future of human behaviours might look like.

How Well do You Know the Next Gen Shopper?

Retailers all over Australia understand the importance of capturing the attention of new shoppers. Two or three years ago, understanding older Millennials was the tough job at hand, but now it seems like a piece of cake. They want a personalised, transparent and content-driven retail experience. But do retailers understand the Next Gen shopper? Power Retail investigates. 

Three Steps for Winning Over Millennials and Gen Z

Forget stereotypes about frivolous whippersnappers and their avocado toast. A recent survey supports the emerging picture of Millennials (21-38) and Generation Z (13-20) as frugal sceptics who need things quick but are slow to reward businesses with their loyalty.

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