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The 1-10-100 Rule of Data Quality for E-Commerce Retailers

E-commerce retailers depend on accurate sales data, invoicing and customer address data as much as they rely on well-maintained websites and delivery vehicles. To stay healthy you need to immunise your business against contamination from bad data. The 1-10-100 rule explains why.

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Retail Marketing: Eliminating ‘Not Known at This Address’

The devil is in the detail for businesses trying to attract, engage and retain their customers in today’s competitive environment. Smart retailers understand the importance of accurate customer address data from both an operational and a profitability perspective.

How To Optimise Checkout: From Autofill To Cart Visibility With Harmony Hosted Address Validation

If buying online isn’t super easy, customers simply won't bother to progress their purchase through to that elusive payment confirmation. Savvy companies know they must impress their customers as much at checkout as in the rest of the site.

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