Online spending still strong, but big spend off the table

Despite the economic downturn, online spending is still strong but new research shows consumers likely to avoid major purchases in next six months.

7.5 percent YoY retail sales growth, turnover fails to keep up

Record holiday spending has led to year on year growth for the retail sector, however retail turnover fell 3.9 percent in December. ARA CEO Paul Zahra shared his concerns for inflation-driven figures.

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World Bank warns of global recession as core inflation bites

A new study authored by the World Bank suggests a consensus forecast indicating that the global economy could experience dramatic declines in growth over the next two years in news it suggests “do not augur well for the likelihood that a global recession can be avoided”.

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Despite Rising Prices, US Retail Sales are Going Through the Roof

Prices have continued to skyrocket for food, petrol and consumer products in the United States, but shoppers are buying more than ever.

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