A new era of ecommerce: The 2023 ARA Retail Insights Report

The ARA has launched the 2023 ARA Retail Insights Report, an annual overview of the retail outlook. 2023 brings with it a ‘new era of ecommerce', with consumers shopping cautiously, thoughtfully, and repetitively.

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New ShipStation report puts holiday shopping habits in the spotlight

As merchants face spiralling costs and consumers experience the tightest squeeze on discretionary income in recent memory, what will holiday sales look like this year?

Traffic and Conversion Rate Plunge in August

If your conversion rate and traffic took a hit in August, you're not alone. What happened in the wider market, and what are consumers saying?

Online Loyalty, Transformations and Predictions | Q&A with

Looking at the last two years, the online landscape has transformed and shifted. While we may not see the same level of online adoption as in the early stages of lockdown, there's no going back to pre-pandemic days. We spoke to Ayaan Mohamud, Regional Vice President, Marketing - APAC at, about the future of e-commerce and what the future may look like in uncertain times.

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Purchase Intentions Down, but Confidence Remains Steady

Consumer confidence is rising again, lifting to its highest point since early June 2022. But purchase intentions remain at their lowest point since the early days of the pandemic.

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How Can Retailers Make the Returns Process Easier?

There are plenty of hassles that Aussie shoppers experience when it comes to making a return from an online retailer. From repackaging to finding the time to actually return the item, research shows that it's time to innovate and shake up the returns process. But how can retailers do it?

Alibaba Group Makes Up 1/4 of Global E-Commerce Sales, Report Finds

Alibaba Group has officially captured one-quarter of the entire global e-commerce market, with its cloud service not far behind, a report has found.

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