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Cettire Breaks into 550 Million Customer Market

Cettire is taking itself abroad with a strategic partnership with, entering the Chinese market, which is expected to be the largest market for luxury goods.

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Cettire Triples Sales in FY22 – Why is its Share Price So Low?

Even as the retailer tripled its sales in the first half of the FY, Cettire's share prices have fallen dramatically. Here are some of the reasons why investors are questioning the luxury retailer's rapid growth.

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Zimmermann Testing the Waters for International Investors

Australian fashion retailer, Zimmermann, is testing the waters for US investors, reports show. The luxury brand has appointed Rothschild Australia to test the US markets for further global expansion. 

The Power of the Luxury Shopper

From Gucci to Louis Vuitton, luxury brands and shopping have remained one of the most sought-after commodities in the retail industry. Besides brand names, what actually defines a luxury brand, and what does the average luxury fashion shopper look like?

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