Applying AI in Marketing: Q&A with Twilio’s Nicholas Kontopoulos

Nicholas Kontopoulos, Vice President of Marketing, Asia Pacific & Japan at Twilio talks elevating customer interactions with AI.

12 productivity-boosting and cost-cutting features to supercharge your marketing ROI

Global Content Director at Insider, the all-in-one martech platform, Katie Leask has compiled 12 of their productivity-boosting and cost-cutting features to help you supercharge your marketing ROI.

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Q&A with Lexer: How siloed data is holding back your team and your business growth

Lexer CEO and Co-Founder explains why democratising data is the key to providing better customer experiences.

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TikTok tidal wave eyes new e-commerce landfall

Social media platform TikTok has come a long way in recent years, transforming from the internet’s go-to source of awkwardly choreographed dance videos to the homepage of the internet for many of the world’s population.

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Pinterest expand opportunities for retailers on platform

Inspiration platform Pinterest has announced an expansion of its integrated Trends Tool in addition to the introduction of a new API for Conversions on the platform, as it further doubles down on the unique potentials it offers to advertisers and businesses marketing on the platform.

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Consumers’ loyalty built in communication

As the saying goes, ‘time is money’, and for cost conscious consumers grappling with the pressures of a turbulent economy and high costs of living, any opportunity to save is of increased value.

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Packaging potential: inke’s meteoric success story

22 years old is a young age to achieve anything, let alone achieving the launch of a meteoric entrepreneurial success story from your own bedroom. But in the case of Jordan Shreeve, Founder and Director of packaging marketplace platform inke, that’s exactly what happened.

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Netflix with ads a new opportunity for retail

Streaming giant Netflix have formally confirmed their plans to release a cheaper, ad-supported subscription model for its service, with the cheaper per-month option to officially launch on November 3.

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“Retail Media will play a key part in retailer profitability”, insider says

“While Retail Media in a digital sense is relatively new, this has come from age old practices. Trade marketing has seen suppliers & brands spend money with retailers to secure the best shelf position or a place in the catalogue or store,” says Roger Dunn, Head of Retail Media ANZ for Criteo.

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