How Well do You Know the Next Gen Shopper?

Retailers all over Australia understand the importance of capturing the attention of new shoppers. Two or three years ago, understanding older Millennials was the tough job at hand, but now it seems like a piece of cake. They want a personalised, transparent and content-driven retail experience. But do retailers understand the Next Gen shopper? Power Retail investigates. 

Three Steps for Winning Over Millennials and Gen Z

Forget stereotypes about frivolous whippersnappers and their avocado toast. A recent survey supports the emerging picture of Millennials (21-38) and Generation Z (13-20) as frugal sceptics who need things quick but are slow to reward businesses with their loyalty.

Will BNPL Send Gen Z Bankrupt?

BNPL is one of the fastest-growing platforms within Australian retail. Within two years, the schedule payment option has changed the way Aussies shop, both online and in-store. Younger customers, however, have embraced the service - but is it a good thing?

Heather Bone
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