CUE Now Offers One Hour Delivery for Online Orders

Forget Uber-style delivery, CUE is putting style first, and taking delivery to the next level with Uber. The Australian retailer has partnered with Uber and Shippit to get clothes to the shopper faster than before - delivered in just one hour. 

Online Delivers Over a Quarter of Total Global Sales, Premier Retail Reports

It's been a strong start to the FY despite pandemic headwinds which have forced Premier Retail to lose over 40,000 trading days. However, its online sales have been the saving grace for the group, representing over one quarter of total sales for the period.

Amazon Go Takes Flight as Retailer Permanently Shutters Other Physical Stores

Amazon Go is launching a store in a Texan airport, the first of its kind for the online retailer. This comes as the tech giant permanently closes some of its legacy retail stores, such as 4-Star and Amazon Books. 

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Michael Hill Donates $100k for Australians Impacted by Floods

Michael Hill is donating $100,000 of its sales to help the affected communities of the floods currently impacting Queensland and NSW.

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“We Have Been Busy…” Inside Klika’s Gangbuster Growth

It's been a big couple of years for Klika. In the span of 24 months, Klika has gone from a pureplay retailer to an omnichannel platform, wholesaler and logistics provider. We spoke to Leo Zaitsev, the Director Commercial Operations, about the fast-tracked growth the business has recorded, and what's next.

December Strongest Quarter for Retail, Online Falling Behind

Retail sales volumes saw a surge in December as lockdowns were lifted, the ABS has reported. The December quarter has fallen 4.4 percent month-on-month but is 4.8 percent above December 2020 levels.

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What Glossier’s Downfall Can Teach Retailers

What's going on with Glossier? That's the question on everyone's lips as the clean skincare brand battles new challenges. Here is why Glossier may be losing its shine with consumers, and what retailers can learn from it.

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Online Sales Skyrocket for Greenlit Brands with Digital First Strategy

Greenlit Brands has reported a robust FY21, with strong online growth and a strong cash flow, despite the struggles of COVID-19.

Digital Sales Dominate Premier Retail in H1 FY22

Despite the strong pandemic-related headwinds, Premier Retail has continued to amass greater online sales than 2021 and 2020, as its H1FY22 trading results are released. 

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