MyDeal latest hit with data breach, hack

Online marketplace MyDeal, majority owned by Woolworths Group since September, has become the latest to suffer a data hack as cyber crime continues to pose a significant threat to retailers of all descriptions.

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STOCK WATCH: Retail’s decimation on the ASX. But is it warranted?

Retailers on the ASX are being savaged despite consumer confidence being high. But are investors being harsh, or are shoppers deluded?

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STOCK WATCH: Booktopia Directors Resign, Koala Assess Market Entry

Booktopia independent non-executive directors to step aside after the company fails to resolve conflict with Nash. Is a smooth transition possible?

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STOCK WATCH: E-Com Shares Recalibrate After Post-Earnings Slump

After the RBA announced a 0.50% increase in interest rates, ASX Listed E-Commerce companies seem to be weathering the [redacted] storm.

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STOCK WATCH: What’s Driving Adore Beauty’s +100% Share Price Surge?

The ASX has issued Adore Beauty with a price query following its sudden surge on Tuesday. Is Temple & Webster to blame / thank?

Ryan Gracie Spills on Branding and Staying in Your Lane

Branding is one of the most important factors for a retailer to consider if they want to stand out. But how do they do that if they're unsure of their value proposition or simply want to tap into their large audience? We spoke to MyDeal's CMO, Ryan Gracie, about his past at Catch, present and MyDeal and the future of marketplaces.

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STOCK WATCH: Kogan’s 48.6% Share Price Growth Drives E-Com Index

The ASX Listed E-Com Index has severely outperformed the ASX200, riding on the tailwinds of Kogan. But can it last? (No.)

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