STOCK WATCH: Booktopia’s Recovery Drives E-Com Index Growth

The ASX Index has been buoyed by Booktopia's share price growth. But after a strong open, others on the E-Com Index are already struggling.

MyDeal Resists ‘Challenging Retail Environment’ in Q4 FY22 Update

MyDeal's shares have remained unchanged this morning as its Q4 results are released. The online marketplace reported an increase in multiple areas, and is above its guidance for the quarter. 

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STOCK WATCH: Cautiously Optimistic as E-Com Shares Experience Growth

ASX Listed E-Commerce shares are outperforming the ASX200. But in the current environment, is it something that can be maintained?

STOCK WATCH: BikeExchange Performance Raises Questions

The high volume of BikeExchange securities traded triggered some questions from ASX compliance. Were the answers enough to satisfy?

STOCK WATCH: Less Doom, Some Gloom, Did Investors Speak Too Soon?

In a reactive and highly volatile market, there seems to be (some) level of self-correction, with good(ish) signs from (some) companies.

STOCK WATCH: Rate Rise Another Blow to ASX Listed E-Com Index

Adore's share price losses mean it's set to be removed from the ASX All Technology Index, but it's far from the worst performer on the E-Com Index.

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STOCK WATCH: BikeExchange Woes Bring ASX E-Com Index Down

In a period that's been marked by volatility, we've seen the E-Com Index stabilise somewhat, with BikeExchange the outlier at -30%.

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