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Dropship venture for New Aim finalises transition to B2B marketplace

Australia’s largest private e-commerce outfit New Aim has announced the transition of flagship dropshipping product Dropshipzone into a B2B marketplace, marking a shift from an inventory-led model to a B2B marketplace enjoying engagement with a diverse variety of suppliers.

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‘Become a Superman’: Tips for success from one of Australia’s richest men

Whatever the image one might have of a man who is a near-billionaire, odds are New Aim CEO and co-founder Fung Lam isn’t it. The man himself offers no signs of the kinds of indulgence or eccentricity many others who share his wealth might demonstrate, and for a man having achieved so much success there is little sign that it has gone to his head.

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Let’s Talk Branding with John Barkle, Head of Brand at New Aim

We're living in a world where loyalty to brand is exceedingly low. And according to retail data, it's only getting lower. So how can retailers improve their chances of getting noticed? Branding. We had a chat with John Barkle, the Head of Brand of New Aim and former Head of Brand and Loyalty at MyDeal, to discuss the best and worst of branding in 2022, and why retailers need to start their branding journey now.

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10 Questions with John Barkle, Head of Brand at New Aim

John Barkle was named the Head of Brand for New Aim in May 2022, following six years working at MyDeal. Over the course of his career, he has developed key knowledge about marketing and brand, sharing his wisdom at the 2022 Online Retailer Expo. We asked him ten questions about his career journey, his definition of success, and his proudest moments. 

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20 Questions with Cecilia Chiu, Co-Founder of New Aim

Cecilia Chiu co-founded New Aim in 2005 with Fung Lam. As the Chief Strategy Officer, she has more than 15 years of experience in the e-commerce industry. But what inspired her to get into e-commerce - was it always the goal? We asked her 20 questions to find out about her journey in retail, the proudest moment in her career, and her secret talents.

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