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Worth 1000 Words | Why 3/4 of Shoppers Want Customer Photos, Not Pro Shots

Real customer reviews are changing. While professional photography once ruled supreme, a new report from Bazaarvoice suggests that this is going to change. 

Is Ulta’s Loyalty Program a Gold Standard for Beauty Retailers?

E-commerce in the United States has long been more advanced than in Australia, but it seems that we're starting to catch up. Ulta, the American beauty retailer, has amped up its loyalty offering to reflect the changes in consumer behaviour. Here's what Aussie retailers could learn from the beauty giant.

Are Retailers Breaking Up with Returns in 2021?

Returns often incur a hefty price tag for online retailers, but it's often a process overlooked by businesses. As e-commerce continues to expand in popularity across the country, is it time retailers looked into a new returns policy? Are retailers looking to opt-out of the return policy, and let customers keep their goods?

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Australian Retail Turnover Rose 1.4 Percent in October

Retail turnover has risen by 1.4 percent in October, the Australian Bureau of Statistics has reported. This follows a fall of 1.1 percent in September.

Why It’s Time to Invest (Smartly) on Social

Majority of respondents in Asia Pacific are more open to engaging with social ads post-Covid, per a survey by

Ahead of the Curve: Coles Launches Delivery Subscription Service

Coles is launching Coles Delivery Plus, an initiative that aims to save customers 'hundreds on grocery delivery'. 

The Power of the Luxury Shopper

From Gucci to Louis Vuitton, luxury brands and shopping have remained one of the most sought-after commodities in the retail industry. Besides brand names, what actually defines a luxury brand, and what does the average luxury fashion shopper look like?

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Inside the Mind of a Tech Shopper

Although not all Aussies are incredibly tech-savvy, it's safe to say that many have spent some time figuring out the best smartphone, home automation device or finding the perfect laptop for their work.

Is Amazon the New Bunnings?

Bunnings have found a new competitor to sink its teeth into: Amazon. The US online retail giant has launched its latest service to Australia, a home and garden store. Just like Bunnings, Jeff Bezos' brainchild will sell BBQs, plants, patio furniture and everything in between. 

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