The High Cost of Shipping Heavy & Bulky Products Explained

Steven Visic, Director of Smart Send explains why shipping costs for big and bulky items are skyrocketing and reveals exciting new solutions by Smart Send.

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Ticket to Success: Lessons from the News Renaissance

There was once a belief held in respect to media and journalism that ‘traditional’ news was a doomed product and that ‘nobody would ever pay for digital news subscriptions’, with the increasing advancements in technology and an ageing population widely considered as a type of death knell for the future of news ever-looming on the horizon.

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Is E-Commerce Innovation Dead?

Is innovation for online already dead? Has online shopping become stale? Is there anything that is truly exciting about e-commerce that sets itself apart from the others? These are the questions I ask myself when I'm scrolling through the long list of retailers I often shop from in the evening. 

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Amazon’s Ambassador Program Blunder Exposes a Huge Open Secret

Amazon has secretly removed its Ambassador program, which paid certain warehouse staff to write positive experiences working for the retailer. After a series of unquestionable blunders, it's time Amazon stopped the PR spin and actually invested in taking care of their staff.

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In 2022, Can We Stop Adding More Sales Events to the Retail Calendar?

From Singles Day to Cyber Weekend and everything in between, it seems as if the last few weeks of the year have turned into a blur of never-ending discounts and deals. But with so many sales events in the game, what is it doing to the consumer mindset? Is it telling shoppers not to value a sale? 

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Retail Isn’t Dying, It’s Just Changing

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released a report showcasing an increase of sales by 0.9 percent in November. Online retail is on the rise. So, why are we saying that the industry is dying?

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