Unhappy With Your EFTPOS Provider? The Majority of Retailers Are — Here’s How To Fix It

In today’s near-cashless economy, an EFTPOS terminal is a critical business tool. Despite the growth in e-commerce brought on by COVID-19, Australian shoppers are increasingly opting to make purchases face-to-face; 67 percent of all payments are made in person, and that percentage is growing at a rapid pace.

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Thoroughly Modern Money – The Future of Payments

We're in the midst of an online boom, and digital payments are following swiftly behind it. While cash becomes a dormant figure of payment's past, what will be the future for retail?

It’s Time for Australian Businesses to Board the Chinese Payment Train

Australian retailers and customers are well equipped to face the changing face of retail. In order to stay up to date though, Aussies may need to jump on the Chinese payment train.

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