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Seven Ecommerce Professionals Share Insights, Advice and Tips for Success

Season two of Power Retail Power Talks (sponsored by YouPay) has wrapped up and I've compiled key takeaways and insights from each of our seven guests.

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For the Record: This Exclusive Category Makes Up 2% of Online Transactions

For a category that only makes up two per cent of the industry, luxury fashion is one of the most exclusive categories in the retail industry. We sat down with Mark Fletcher to discuss the shopping behaviour, attitudes and needs of the luxury fashion shopper.

Inside the Mind of a Tech Shopper

Although not all Aussies are incredibly tech-savvy, it's safe to say that many have spent some time figuring out the best smartphone, home automation device or finding the perfect laptop for their work.

Is Your Brand Ready for the Next Sales Event?

From Cyber Monday to Click Frenzy, there are more sales events in the calendar year than you could shake a stick at. But do they have the same effect as they used to for customers?

Power Retail Podcast: How Total Tools Nails E-Commerce

Tune in as Power Retail discusses attracting the right customers, competition and the importance of e-commerce with Rohan Alcorn, the Digital Marketing Manager from Total Tools.

Power Retail Podcast: How Surfstitch Stay Frontside in Retail

Tune in as we sit down with Justin Hillberg, the General Manager APAC at Surfstitch about the start-up struggle and defying the odds in e-commerce

Are Retailer Apps the Shortcut to Sales?

Gone are the days of one type of retail channel or another - we're no longer living in the world of online or physical stores. Retailer apps sit at the threshold of the two and are rising in popularity. But are they worth the investment, and are they actually a shortcut to sales?

Power Retail Podcast: Hello! How National Tiles Became a Household Name

Tune in as Power Retail sits down with Lynna Barrett, the Chief Digital Officer at National Tiles to discuss her experience with Aussie brands and the passion that drives National Tiles to become one of Australia's most iconic brands.

Power Retail Podcast: Why KG Electronic Works Differently for Success

We sat down with Doron Kushlin, the Co-Owner of KG Electronic to discuss the power of marketplaces, staying ahead of the game and the importance of maintaining a strong relationship with suppliers.

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Power Retail Podcast: Can We Predict the Future of Retail?

Tune in as Grant Arnott sits down with Aussie retail veteran and icon, Peter Knock, where they discuss the power of Amazon and why you can't predict the future of retail.

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