Reimagining customer loyalty: a behavioural psychology perspective

Preezie presents: Reimagining customer loyalty through surprise-and-delight experiences with nextbuy: A Behavioural Psychology perspective.

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Collaboration over competition: the winning customer acquisition strategy

preezie shares why partnering with Adore Beauty, Blue Bungalow, & other leading retailers is the winning customer acquisition strategy.

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Disrupt or be disrupted: How ecommerce brands can stay ahead of the digital advertising game

The digital landscape is evolving at the speed of light, and those who don't adapt will unfortunately be left in the dark. Rather than relying on exhausted advertising channels or dated marketing strategies, brands need to explore new solutions to engage shoppers and convert them into customers.

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3 Ways to Grow your Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Holiday Sales with a Personalisation Strategy

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holiday season fast approaching, retailers are looking for their best opportunities to get on the front foot and achieve the best results for the season ahead.

Personalisation vs. Hyper-Personalisation – Which Rules Supreme?

Retailers need to re-think their personalisation strategy. As online adoption starts to slow and retailer loyalty decreases, it's important businesses know what to do. We asked Graham Ralls, Head of Product at preezie, about changes in shopping expectations, the case for hyper-personalisation and the looming issue of privacy.

Retail Exec Mark Goddard Backs Tech Start-Up, Appointed Chair

As we close out 2020 in a state that is being dubbed 'the new normal', it is easy to lose sight of how drastically e-commerce has changed in the last nine months. By April this year, there were 200,000 new Australian households shopping online, and Australia Post has struggled to keep up with demand.

How Innovating Online CX Can Help Retailers Maximise Growth

It's no secret that online retail has skyrocketed in popularity over the last eight months. However, with the increase in demand also comes the increase for innovation and optimisation, especially regarding online conversion rates. Power Retail sat down with Michael Tutek, the CEO and Founder of Preezie, to discuss how retailers can make the most of their online journey, and effectively implement strong CX.

Why do Brands like Bevilles, Luxury Escapes and Blue Bungalow use Guided Conversion?

E-commerce is booming. By now, we all know why. Physical stores may be taking a hit in 2020, but brick mortar retail still outperforms e-commerce in many areas. In particular, in-store converts much higher than online. Why? One reason is that physical stores use all the tools in their arsenal to create a personalised customer experience. Can e-commerce compete?

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Guided Conversion is the Future of E-Commerce – Here’s Why

In the last five months, e-commerce has exploded in popularity across the country. As this popularity continues to grow, so do the new faces of e-commerce. Michael Tutek, the Founder of Preezie, broke down a few reasons why online and in-store should offer the same experiences, and how it can benefit conversion rates.

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