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20 Questions with Ben Anderson, Rebel Head of eCommerce

We sat down with Ben Anderson, head of eCommerce at Rebel to chat basketball, YouTube tutorials, and bringing happiness, love and success to those around you.

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Founded more than 35 years ago, rebel has played a major role for Australian sports lovers. From netball to AFL, there is always something that Aussies are sure to love when shopping at this retailer. But what about its e-commerce offering? How has its online platform transformed over the years? From the '90s to today, let's explore the dramatic changes that rebel has taken in the E-Commerce Time Machine. 

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Super Retail Group’s Digital Channels Soar, but Sales Slump in First-Half

Super Retail Group, which houses brands like rebel, BCF and Supercheap Auto, has had a rough start to the FY, with the Omicron variant making a huge impact on the group's performance. 

Super Retail Group to Scale Omnichannel Capabilities

Super Retail Group is reportedly working with Amblique to enhance its cross-channel customer experience. BCF, Macpac, Supercheap Auto and Rebel Sport are all set to benefit from the collaboration.

Super Retail Group’s Record Result Amidst Underpayment Claims

Super Retail Group's strong results have come at a time when its CEO has admitted to almost $8m in underpayments since 2010.

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