Consumer Survey: The Link Between Returns, Conversion and Retention

Three quarters of shoppers say a retailer's returns policy is important when considering an online purchase. How do you measure up?

Report: December to be Biggest Online Shopping Quarter on Record. Are you Prepared?

August has recorded the largest week in e-commerce in 2021 to date, and we're just getting started! Are you ready for what's next?

Are Retailers Breaking Up with Returns in 2021?

Returns often incur a hefty price tag for online retailers, but it's often a process overlooked by businesses. As e-commerce continues to expand in popularity across the country, is it time retailers looked into a new returns policy? Are retailers looking to opt-out of the return policy, and let customers keep their goods?

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Staples’ Returns Platform Could Be an E-Commerce Game Changer

The US retailer, Staples, is starting to accept e-commerce returns from other retailers to help alleviate the returns process. Is this the future of retail?

Turning Around Reverse Logistics: Q&A with CouriersPlease

We sit down with CouriersPlease to find out what's new and what's next in the reverse logistics landscape and how retailers should be leveraging returns for growth.

Challenges of Reverse Logistics and Creating a Streamlined Process

How do you balance rising consumer expectations with what's strategically possible for business when it comes to returns?

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CouriersPlease Launches Boomerang to Make Returns Easier (for Retailers and Consumers)

Reverse logistics can be a huge headache or massive opportunity. The launch of Boomerang by CouriersPlease is the next step in the evolution of returns.

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