20 Questions with Jane Lu, Founder and CEO of Showpo

Jane Lu founded Showpo in 2010 and has become an icon in the e-commerce industry in her own right. We asked her 20 questions to find out about her secret talents and what she got up to while in lockdown.

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“Do it Your Way!” Jane Lu on Motherhood, Moguls and Motivation

While she may have swapped out rosé for a baby bottle, Jane Lu is celebrating Mother's Day her way. She tells us the lessons she's learned after becoming a mum, the importance of backing yourself and why women shouldn't be afraid to ask for help.

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Showpo’s Post Lockdown Glow Up and Plans for Global Domination

Showpo has come a long way in the ten years since its launch. We sat down with Jane Lu, the Founder and CEO of Showpo, to discuss the learnings from the pandemic and world domination.

Ask the Experts: Online Fashion and Accessory Retailers

Fashion is one of the most popular and competitive industries within retail. We've asked a series of e-commerce experts to dissect three of Australia's favourite fashion and accessory online retailers.

E-Commerce Time Machine – Australia’s Favourite Retailers

How much have Australia's favourite online retailers changed since they first launched? Let's go back in time and see how far e-commerce has come over the last ten years.

Showpo’s Plan for Global Expansion

Even though fashion isn't on the top of everyone's priorities at the moment, it isn't stopping Showpo from global expansion.

#Fail: Online Retailers Tell Us What Happened When It All Went Wrong

It's unavoidable. If you're in business, things will go wrong, whether it's something major or something minor, something within your control or totally outside of it. Here, online retailers tell us what happened, and how they responded when the proverbial sh*t hit the fan.

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