Singles’ Day

Alibaba Singles Day festivities kick off

With Singles Day approaching, Alibaba Group has kicked off its 14th 11:11 Global Shopping Festival. This year, the event spans over nearly two weeks and boasts more than 290,000 brands and 17 million products.

Breaking Down Consumer Habits this Festive Season

As retail enters the holiday season, consumers are entering a time of huge discounts, cheaper delivery rates and back-to-back sales events. New data from Rakuten Marketing shows the ways that consumer behaviour responds to specific events, and what to expect for the holiday season. 

Singles Day Breaks $43 Billion in Sales in 24 Hours

Alibaba's Singles Day (11.11) has proven to be a raging success, as it smashes old records and makes new ones along the way. Although starting out as a celebration for being single, the honourary holiday has transformed into the largest sales event in the world. 

How Online Retailers Can Profit from Singles’ Day

Singles’ Day began on Chinese university campuses in the mid-1990s as a counterpoint to Valentine’s Day for couples. Now 11.11, four 1s as the date is written, is a US$30 billion global shopping event, bigger than last year’s record-breaking US$7.9 billion Cyber Monday online shopping day in the US. How can online retailers cash in on the global shopping festival when it hits?

Why Shoppers Go Mad for Click Frenzy

It's the busiest time of year for both retailers and customers. From Click Frenzy to Christmas, this is the time for retailers to drop prices and customers to ramp up their spending. With so many sales events, why do shoppers go mad for the likes of Click Frenzy? And is it time for retailers to take advantage of these huge events?

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