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Influencers Called out for Misleading Posts

The ACCC has found that up to 81 percent of influencers may be misleading consumers through not disclosing brand partnerships. 

TikTok Shuts Down Creator Fund, Introduces Creativity Program Monetisation

TikTok is shutting down its $1 billion creator fund monetisation program in favour of a refreshed model that the social media giant says will pay out up to 20 times more than the old creator fund.

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Pinterest expand opportunities for retailers on platform

Inspiration platform Pinterest has announced an expansion of its integrated Trends Tool in addition to the introduction of a new API for Conversions on the platform, as it further doubles down on the unique potentials it offers to advertisers and businesses marketing on the platform.

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Retailers, It’s Time to BeReal… Or Is It?

From Instagram to TikTok, retailers have tapped every single touchpoint on the social media landscape. But when is the time to step back and reevaluate this move? With new social media platforms like BeReal popping up and taking centre stage, is it wise for retailers to jump on the bandwagon straight away? And if they do, how can they make the most of it without annoying shoppers? 

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How Much did Yesterday’s Facebook Outage Cost Businesses?

While many Australians woke up to the social media outage yesterday, it caused a larger wave than at first thought. How much did this six-hour shut-down cost businesses?

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