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Greener on the Other Side | Q&A with Flora & Fauna CEO, Julie Mathers

Known for its sustainable consumption and ethical practices, Flora & Fauna pride itself on the steps it takes to make the industry greener, with every click. We sat down with the CEO and Founder of Flora & Fauna, to discuss the ups and downs of running a business, the power of staying positive and how she almost launched a juice business. 

Does Your Business Deserve Recognition for its Sustainable Practices?

The planet has gone through tumultuous shifts in the last year, regarding its people and the land they work with. As more consumers understand the power of retail, and how easily accessible it is, the higher production and consumption becomes. As sustainability becomes one of the most important factors for the planet, Power Retail is aiming to drive awareness and encourage sustainable practices throughout the entire retail industry. 

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Amazon Goes Green with New Seattle Arena

Amazon is taking its pledge for climate change to new levels with its latest purchases, the KeyArena in Seattle. 

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