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79% Say Loyalty Programs Lead to Higher Frequency of Purchase

The latest consumer survey takes a look at retailer loyalty programs. How do they actually impact AOV, frequency of purchase and retention?

Is online growth still possible in a post-covid landscape?

The pandemic accelerated the shift online, but have we peaked? The latest consumer data looks at whether there is still room for growth.

Latest Consumer Data: Attitudes to Money-Back Rewards

Forty percent of online shoppers say they have used money-back rewards for a recent purchase. Find out the most popular providers, and more!

Which are the most popular marketplaces? Latest consumer survey results

eBay? Amazon? Catch? Find out which marketplaces shoppers have purchased from in the last year. Spoiler: There's a fight for top spot!

Christmas Spend Coming Early, Consumer Research Shows

One in five shoppers have already started purchasing for Christmas with 19% planning for October spend. Are you prepared?

Consumer Survey: How Important Are Retailer Apps….Really?

Do you have a retailer app? Are they important? We asked consumers about how they purchase, when (and if) they use apps, and what's changed.

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