Inside T2’s Digital Transformation in a Post-Pandemic World

T2 has experienced incredible online growth in the last six months, despite its physical stores remaining closed across parts of Australia amid the pandemic. We spoke to Amy Smith, Global Brand Director at T2 to discuss its digital transformation in a post-pandemic world.

Setting a Good Example: The Responsibility of Business Leaders to Make a Difference

Conscious leadership, which puts to test our responsibility and actions to save the environment and to do social good is becoming a growing force, and will ultimately be what defines us as leaders. Nicole Sparshott, CEO Unilever ANZ and global CEO of T2, discusses the new role of leaders in today’s purpose-driven economy.

Revealed: Inside T2’s E-Commerce Strategy

Ever wondered how T2 manages its e-commerce presence? The company’s Head of E-Commerce, Manik Godhwani, opens up about the business's key areas of focus, and its biggest struggles.

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