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STOCK WATCH: Kogan and MyDeal Shares Drop After Results Announcement

Gross Profits aren't enough to satisfy investors, with FY21 results announcements leading to upheaval on the ASX for some listed e-com companies.

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THE YIELD: Are ASX-Listed Companies Living Up to the Hype?

What does the noticeable change in the last day tell us about market sentiment? And has the consumer shift online translated into investor confidence when it comes to ASX-listed e-comm companies?

THE YIELD: Do Listed E-Commerce Companies Measure Up?

Looking at ASX-listed e-commerce company performance over time, not all online retailers are measuring up. Who's up? Who's down? What's next?

THE YIELD: Tony Nash On The E-Commerce ‘Bullet-Train’

As we head towards the end of FY21, who are the ASX winners and which ASX-listed companies aren't meeting expectations?

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